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Recent research tells us that children learn through play and all progressive schools and educational environments are now adopting new programs that provide children with opportunities to build their personal identities as successful and responsible little learners. Our Wonderment Programs ensure children are able to learn through:

  • Sensing provides a rich tactile environment for sensory learning
  • Making connections with prior knowledge
  • Practicing and mastering learning
  • Sustaining concentration
  • Taking risks in a safe environment
  • Learning and developing in a fun and enjoyable way

At Little Wonders Early Learning we are committed to supporting a culturally diverse and inclusive community of educators and children that nurtures empathy, sensitivity and an appreciation of other cultures. We encourage both free and structured play across all our programs in all age groups

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Nursery Programs

6 week to 2 year olds

Our Baby Wonders Nursery programs incorporate a range of age appropriate play-based activities and resources to support learning and will help develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills. A beautifully nurturing environment to become independent through our educators encouraging self-feeding and dressing. Your child will enjoy singing, dancing, creative arts, reading stories, imaginative play and a whole lot more. Our Nursery room gives your child the opportunity to socialise with other children and develop their communication skills. We provide all nappies and our nappy changing room and bathrooms are located directly off the Nursery rooms to help assist with toilet training.

Toddler's Program

2 to 3 year olds

Our Little Wonder Toddlers programs are delivered into two separate rooms where we encourage each child’s individual emotions and social development through providing a nurturing environment that builds on trust and emotional security. Our focus is on the development of fine and gross motor skills through a program designed to enable each child to learn and grow to the best of their unique abilities. We achieve this by helping each child to become aware of their selves and other abilities by caring, sharing and praising each other’s work. We use creatively inspired programs to develop the children’s language skills by incorporating songs, poems, stories, language games and puppetry in our educational frameworks.

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Pre-Kinder Programs

3 to 4 year olds

Our Pre-Kinder Wonder room has its own unique ‘big person’ space designed to help your child prepare for their next step in education through close collaboration with our Kindergarten Program. We encourage each child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth through our programs that fuel curiosity and imagination, and allow each child to express and pursue their own individual interests and skills. We encourage children to participate in large/small group activities that will enhance their creativity, language, literacy, music and movement. We believe in open and direct communication between children and educators to support individual emotional wellbeing through listening, sharing, empathy and friendships. Our program focuses on supporting your child to prepare them with the skills, abilities, independence and confidence for a smooth transition into our Kindergarten Program.

Kinder Programs

4 to 5 year olds

Kindergarten is an important year, one in which we want children to develop to their full potential. Here at Little Wonders Early Learning we will deliver an educational program which your child’s development and learning can be nurtured in every way. Our educational program will extend your child’s learning, skills, independence, communication, attention and social relationships with others. We believe that families play an important role and our program is designed to engage parents and carers as much as possible in their child’s progress and development. We are a government funded kinder program and our curriculum is based on fostering children’s unique interests and curiosities – the program is structured throughout the day and covers all learning areas such as literacy, numeracy, science and dramatic play. Children will also work on their school readiness skills throughout the year including problem solving, regulating emotions, numeracy and literacy. Our program will help your little wonder prepare for their next big adventure into primary school!

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Flexible Sessions

At Little wonders we offer a variety of flexible sessions to accommodate the everyday needs of our families and their busy schedules whether it be for work, the gym, to socialise or just to have a well deserved rest, we have you covered:

Sessions are:

9 hours    $130.00
10 hours  $135.00
12 hours  $135.00

These sessions are subject to set times and terms & conditions apply. The Australian Government may provide financial assistance towards the cost of your child’s care. If you would like to access this assistance, you will need to complete  a Child Care Subsidy assessment with Centrelink.

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